The Cornwall Advertisers
Incorporating the North Cornwall Advertiser, Mid Cornwall Advertiser and The Cornwall Review
Wednesday October 14th 2015

Digital editions of our papers now online! Click one of the animated previews below. To view an archive of all available back issues, load the publication required, then the 'View Archive' button at the top left of the screen.


Advertising Rates

North Cornwall Advertiser – £5.80 per column cm. on the inside pages. £8.65 per col. cm. on the front & back pages includes colour

Mid Cornwall Advertiser – The same rates apply as for the North Cornwall Advertiser

Both papers – If your advert goes in both papers consecutively a 10% discount is given on each insertion (this equates to a col. cm. rate of £10.44) All prices quoted are subject to VAT Series discounts – Three months – 5%, Six months – 10%, Twelve months – 15% Prepayment – 5% Discounts are also given on quarter, half and full page adverts

Colour – Colour charge where applicable; up to 10×2 – £7; up to 10×4 – £12.50; up to quarter page – add £25 for colour, up to half page – £50, up to full page – £75 subject to sight of artwork.

Mechanical Data:
Type page size 320mm x 264mm. Column width 30mm, gutter width 3mm. Number of columns: eight.

For ease of reference, our column widths are:- 1 col – 30mm, 2 col – 64mm, 3 cols – 97mm, 4 cols – 130mm, 5 cols – 164mm, 6 cols – 197mm, 7 cols – 230mm, 8 cols – 264mm.

Printed Web Offset. Supplied artwork (high resolution PDF, EPS or JPEG) – CD, via or e-mail

Print Dates:

North Cornwall Advertiser – Normally first Wednesday of the month.

Mid Cornwall Advertiser – Normally third Wednesday of the month.

The Cornwall Review – Normally third Tuesday of the month (April – October).

Agency Commission: 15% for supplied artwork, otherwise 10%.

Last copy: AT THE LATEST eight days before printing.